Growth capital to fund your expansion and better engagement with existing customers.

Collateral Free Line Of Credit
to monetise your trade receivables
Complete Transparency
ensuring better working capital management & cash flows
Post Shipment Funding
can be availed between 24-48 hours
Simple Documentation
One time minimal documentation to avail the limits

More Details

  • Freedom to choose interest rate, tenure and amount required.
  • Crowd funding model ensures that there are multiple investors to finance for your requirement.
  • Hassle free digital experience of publishing deals and avail finance.
  • Minimal compliance ensures that the key people are always more focused on core business operations.
  • An overdraft like facility and hence pay interest only on the amount utilised basis of number of days.
  • Zero penalty for early repayments.
  • Multiple early repayments can be done without any higher limits.
  • Long term financing partner to help you grow your business.
  • Off balance sheet funding model which doesn’t clash with your existing limits with other institutions.
  • Limits can be enhanced almost instantly to fuel your growth.
  • Collections and settlements to be based on innovative tools for error free and seamless experience.

How It Works?


Step 1
Vendor signs up on the platform by submitting financial documents for credit assessment to avail limits.


Step 2
Vendor submits a list of its customers to the platform and limit is sanctioned.


Step 3
Vendor publishes their invoices on the platform to avail funding.


Step 4
Vendors gets funded by investors on the platform.


Step 5
Customers make payment on the due date as per PO terms.


Step 6
Deal gets settled between the investors and vendors.



How do I create my account on Tradefundz?

You can sign up by submitting your basic information. A relationship Manager will be assigned to you to guide you through the process.

What is the rate of interest?

As it’s a marketplace, you can choose the rate of interest which you want to pay. However, the rate of interest should be attractive enough for the investors to finance you.

Who are the investors?

As it’s a crowd funding model, there will be multiple investors who would invest basis their preferences.

What amount will Tradefundz finance?

There will be an Overdraft like facility which will be set. You can place invoices for discounting as per the limit sanctioned to you.

What is the eligibility criteria to avail funding?

You must be a vendor to large corporates in order to be eligible for receiving funding on Tradefundz.

Is it really collateral free?

Yes, it’s a collateral free line of credit. However, your unpaid invoices will be the underlying security against the funding.

What documents are required to avail the funding?

You are required to complete the sign up process. A Relationship Manager will be assigned to you who will guide you through the process.

How much time will it take to avail the funding?

The processes are fast and hassle free. Please sign up and you will be guided by your relationship manager on the same.

Why We’re The Most Awesome Business Funding Company Around

“We are really so glad to work with TradeFundz. Now we can focus on our core business operations rather than worrying about working capital & cash flows. A big thank you to TradeFundz.”

Mr. Rashid BusheriMD, Alliance Group